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  • No.399, Port Avenue, Rui’an Economic Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China


Why Choose Us?

1-Long History and Experience:

32 years history and forged by three generation, we have most advanced knowledge and biggest market. We provide China best service attitude and machine knowledge.

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3-Best & Most Completed Team:

From pre-sales to after-sales,we have professional team for every step of our cooperation! To solve your problem and fullfill your demands, help you grow stronger and stronger!

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2-Most professional manufacturing:

Un-Like most factories to make machine by buying all parts. We make by ourself from Machine rack to Chiller Rollers and T-Die. To make sure we provide best quality.

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4:How long is delivery time?

According to machine size and technology, 30-120days. Every client will have his sales to help calculate exact delivery date and mark in contract.

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Company’s Main Products

Major products: stretch film machine, bubble?film machine,?lamination machine?(plastic?film casting?machines)

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Zhejiang Jianda Company Philosophy

Services highlights value, credibility creates glories

We value our staff as asset,?attach great attention to improve interior service quality, to create service-typed culture; Also we insist on customer service oriented, focus on customer value and customer requirements, to improve external service quality.

We emphasize strengthening the establishment of quality sincerity system, to improve the integrity of the enterprises, construct excellent image of the enterprise and products, promoting the sustainable development of the enterprises.

Innovation leads to development cooperation achieve ‘win- win

We Insist on technology Innovation, but also to drive forward the Institution renovation,?management Improvement and culture construction. We bearing in mind of the principle for sharing, try to create value for our staff, and profit for our clients.



Customer demand: In the online recovery stage, the waste edge?is lighter than the granular material, which will result in the uneven feeding of the screw.

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Tadzhikistan And Algeria

They purchased the?first plastic cup production line in February 2010, the second plastic cup making machinein 2013?and the second production line?in September.

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It is a trading company in India. I got familiar with him at the Canton Fair. Later we sold our first stretch film making machine to him through promotional letter.

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Our Certificate

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